Redefining Digital Music Streaming App


Our client was in need of a technology partner who could architect and develop a digital music application that would revolutionize the way people listen to music.

Business Need

  • Migrating to a new mobile based business model from a legacy CD sale.
  • Constructing a Music streaming app that appeals to the young people (Gen X and Gen Y)
  • Offline capability to meet the fluctuating network.


  • Tech: PHP, Angular, Native Android, iOS
  • Database: MySQL, Neo4J, Amazon S3 Bucket
  • Methodology: Agile-SCRUM
  • CDN: Cloudfront
  • Cloud: AWS


The model began with studying the market and the current landscape of streaming apps. Building a list of common features among all apps, suggesting features that contribute to the key USP of the age group.


  • Light app with a robust backend with the least latency to support millions of users
  • Visually intuitive home slider to operate the app instantly loved by users