Disruptive Platform that enables energy customers to interact with the Grid


Client is an Energy Technology company helping their clients track usage, forecast future power usage, build insights for power consumption.

Business Need

  • To provide  data information in the form of dashboards at run time (data construction happens at run time)
  • To perform calculations and/or data manipulations, and return the data to a visualization component.
  • To reduce the load on the script developers; they should be able to focus on the actual calculations and transformations, without requiring additional development to connect services or format data.


  • Python
  • S3 bucket
  • AWS Lambda
  • MongoDB


  • Obtain real time data using a MQTT broker, which pushes the data on to a queue. The solution focuses on keeping the latency of data transfer minimal so as to provide real time insights based on the sensor generated data
  • The framework uses spark for streaming the data and also for mapreduce operations on the data
  • AWS Lambda service is further used to deploy scripts that runs statistical models and returns the results on a real time dashboard