Data Warehouse Optimization Services


Client is a leading Quick Service Restaurant with over 1000+ stores around the globe and has one of the highest recorded foot falls per store globally. In the specific geography, the client handles around 5 M customer transactions on their POS everyday.

Business Need

  • Achieve higher processing performance when running in cluster
  • Improve efficiencies running 100% Java
  • Eliminate the need for hand coding


  • Pentaho Business Intelligence Platform
  • LAMP/WAMP based Application Development
  • PHP 5, MySQL, Apache
  • Windows/Linux, AJAX, JavaScript
  • Cloud deployment on Amazon Web Services (AWS)


  • Enterprise Data Warehouse for single point of truth
  • Clean data transformed and cleansed as per rule
  • Integrate cleanse, standardize and transform data from transactional systems such as Sales, Procurement, Finance business process transactions, master data and build a single point of truth enterprise data warehouse.
  • Staff savings and productivity: Pentaho’s Visual MapReduce – GUI and big data integration means existing data warehouse developers can move data between the data warehouse and Hadoop without coding.
  • Time to value: MapReduce development time is reduced by up to 15x versus hand-coding based on comparisons.
  • Faster job execution: Pentaho MapReduce runs faster in cluster versus code generating scripting tools.