Your Reliable IT Outsourcing Firm

Based in Tampa Bay, Florida, TCB Solutions is a completely virtual IT outsourcing technology consulting firm offering affordable IT solutions for small businesses across the country. We are dedicated to making premium IT products and services that would otherwise only be available to large corporations accessible to businesses of all sizes. Our transparent and full-service offering includes everything from application development to technical support, and means you can enjoy the benefits of being managed by a local team, US firm as well as the quality and savings of working with an offshore team.


  • The best of both worlds. Our unique offering includes local, US-based project management at offshore prices. This means you can enjoy the quality and pricing of offshore development without the hassle of administration, time differences, language barriers, wiring money offshore and potential personality conflicts. We’ll take care of everything, so you can focus on growing your business.


  • Top quality partners. Don’t waste time researching potential developers – we’ve done the hard work for you. We handpick our partners, carefully selecting and vetting everyone we work with in order to deliver the very best solutions to our clients.


  • Unmatched customer service. Working with our strategic partners to bring quality solutions to our clients for the past 19 years, has earned us a reputation that we’re proud of. We’re known as an honest, down-to-earth and friendly firm that genuinely cares about its clients and delivers a service that reflects this.
  •  Custom created solutions. Our core strength lies in assessing your needs and delivering services entirely customized to your business and designed to help you achieve your goals.


  • Experience. Our decades of experience in various industries gives us the insight and knowledge to deliver solutions that genuinely solve problems. Because we know exactly how businesses like yours operate, we can deliver an invaluable offering that addresses issues you might not have even thought of yet. Our extensive experience in IT consulting also ensures that we are highly capable of managing complex and long-term engagements your business will benefit from.


  • Access to services. Years in the business means we have a network of world-class software designers and developers that would otherwise be out of reach to small businesses. Accordingly, we can offer your business the same advantages and negotiated rates that usually only larger corporations are privileged with.


We offer a completely customized approach designed to meet your needs. We know that everyone has different levels of tech experience as well as varying amounts of time or even willingness to be involved. This is why our offering is completely flexible and tailored to you. Be involved as much or as little as you like. Our fair pricing system means you’ll only ever be charged for what you do or don’t use. If you want us to take care of all aspects of your project including every single piece of correspondence, we’re more than happy to help. If you’d prefer to manage most of the work yourself and use us on an ad hoc as needed basis or for guidance, that’s perfectly fine too. We’ll only ever charge you accordingly.